The Home Improvement Loan Guide for 2014

Whether you are planning for an expansion, extension of another storey or a makeover for your house, you can always opt for a Home Improvement Loan. Here is your hands-on guide to help you to get the most suitable one possible.

Step 1 – Understand the type of renovation:

This is the first step of your home improvement project. You cannot determine the applicable Home Improvement Loan package without planning the total work and the estimated cost for the same. Thus, first consider the type of renovation that you would like to undertake in your house, and then opt for a Home ImprovementLoan. Here is a list of the possible expenses that you can get steady cash for from your lender.

• External or internal repair work
• Tiling and flooring
• Paint job – internal and/or external
• Plumbing and electrical work
• Home upgrade
• Waterproofing and roofing

Step 2 – Find out the type of house renovation loan:

To get an ideal Home Renovation Loan, you must first find the perfect loan scheme that suits your needs:

• Top up Home Loan: If you approach the bank that approved your Home Loan, chances are, they can approve your top up loan for renovation quite easily. If your finances are in order, it is easier to complete the loan processing quickly. This is the best one possible with the income tax rebate on the same.

• Home loan balance transfer with loan for house renovation: Some housing finance companies or banks don’t allow for a top up loan. You can transfer your home loan to another company that offers lower interest rates, a home renovation loan and better tenure.

• Separate Home Renovation Loan: While it is a little more expensive than theabove, it is a choice available for most borrowers. Regardless of the type of repair or renovation work, it is a much better option than a PersonalLoan.

Step 3 – Customize the loan offer:

These type of loans have certain benefits and limitations. So, you must make the needful adjustment to take maximum advantage of the money that you are borrowing. Analyze the following factors to optimize them in your favour:

• Processing fee
• Interest rates
• The exclusions and inclusions
• The Loan tenure

You certainly want to be able to repay yourHome Improvement Loan efficiently. So, while you customize the necessary details to suit your monthly cash flow, you must take your assets, liabilities, savings and fiscal details into consideration as well.

4 key-points for WhatsApp blasting softwares, you need to know while using

Everything changes, in the area of digital marketing, when you pitch leads by directly messaging them on their personal phone numbers.

Bulk messaging is surely one of the most lucrative and sped-up digital marketing options. Every business should be utilizing this important technique, to increase sales and brand popularity.

And, what is the best platform to practice bulk messaging on? Definitely, WhatsApp – the leading cell-phone messaging service in the whole world!

There are several WhatsApp blasting software names, which are currently roaming around in the market. But, should you be using them? Or should you be happy and content with creating multiple “Broadcast lists”, on WhatsApp, for sending bulk messages?

There are a few points you must know if you choose to use these text blasting softwares.

They’re all made by third-party developers, who are not working closely with WhatsApp. They are not pre-informed about any changes in WhatsApp messaging rules.
None of them holds any responsibility for violating policies.

Let’s get the 4 key-points straightened out,

before you take a glance at all those WhatsApp blasting softwares names.

Never message to non-WhatsApp numbers:
This is the biggest mistake you can make. First of all your brand reputation can be ditched, and then you will be losing leads.

If you message a non-WhatsApp number, the messages will be delivered to their cell-phone inbox, reading ‘this certain business, or person has invited you to WhatsApp’! This is seriously the last message anyone wants to receive!

Now, these WhatsApp blasting softwares don’t know ethics or keep these trivial matters in their logical thought processes! They just send messages! That’s what they are supposed to do.

Only the most advanced blasting software will help you filter out invalid WhatsApp numbers, before initiating a bulk messaging session.

Hence, be cautious!

Break the patterns of bulk messaging sessions:
WhatsApp algorithm is very intelligent. It usually considers any third party program or bot as a threat.

When you start to send bulk messages, you have to program and schedule it in the blasting software settings.

Your messages will be scheduled and sent accordingly. If WhatsApp notices, that the pattern is consistent, and programmed, you will be banned on WhatsApp permanently.

Therefore, check whether or not, the blasting software is giving you the freedom to schedule messages as per your preferences.

Only make a subscription to a software, after confirming this criterion!

And, once you are using it, make sure to change the schedules from time to time. This is highly mandatory.

Always use the updated version of WhatsApp marketing blasters:
WhatsApp regularly makes changes to its existing messaging terms and rules.

So all these softwares you are using, need to be aware of these changes. Because if anything happens, you will be held responsible by WhatsApp.

And, your brand reputation can be doomed.

Hence, in the swarm of all these flashy WhatsApp blasting software names, choose the one that offers regular updates based on any policy changes of WhatsApp.

Plus, any software should by giving updates anyway, because Operating System compatibility is a big issue for any application. Buy those that are supported on multiple OS versions.

Study the reports very well:
The last point is very critical.

Your bulk messaging software should be generating reports for every single messaging session.

And, these reports do work as case studies. You need to come up with the time and labour to check out which numbers are turning into leads, or are showing interest in your promotions.

How many have unsubscribed from the automatic messaging list, and how many have blocked you! All these insights are very important to look at.

Your marketing team needs to eradicate the pitches that are showing no returns; and pitch again to those leads, who have sparked a sign of interest.

To finish it off, I would like to say, that you need to be very careful while using these text blasting softwares for promoting your services and products, on WhatsApp.

One mistake, will make you suffer a big time!

Loan Against Property In India: A Brief Overview

A loan against property in India is not very common. In fact, the concept of loan against your home is taboo in most Indian communities. However, the fact remains, that property is a valuable asset and you can certainly use it to your advantage instead of opting for a humongous and unaffordable personal loan or a credit card debt. Thus, here is what you need to know about the loan against property in India .

What is a loan against property (LAP)?

This is a secure loan against an asset, pretty much like any other loan against assets. The interest rates for a LAP are lower than for unsecured loans like personal loans. The primary eligibility criterion is the value of the asset rather than the repayment ability or credit score. So, thisis much easier to avail for people, who are financially challenged at the moment.

What are the consideration factors for loan against property in India?

You will need to complete the standard loan application process with the required documents. You will also need to meet the eligibility criteria of the lending company. Nonetheless, when you apply for a loan against property with a housing finance company or a bank, you must do so with due consideration to the following factors:

• You will need to give time to the lenders in order to process the market value of your property, which varies from 5 working days to 2-3 weeks, based on the lending organization.

• The loan amount depends on the third party analysis conducted by the housing finance company. You will receive approximately 80% to 85% of the market value of the property, which will be decided by the lender.

• You can negotiate for competitive interest rates on the loan against property, if you have the required documents to demonstrate good repayment ability and credibility.

Thus, you can also receive a higher loan amount at lower interest rates by opting for loan against property. Additionally, you can enjoy more relaxed repayments as the monthly EMIs will be lower.

When is the right time to apply for loan against property?

In one sentence, when the loan amount is much higher than you can easily borrow. It is not advisable to risk your property unless there is no other choice available. If you can take a loan against shares, fixed deposits, gold or luxury items, you should. The cost of property is the highest among the several assets for most individuals. So, take a rough estimate of the market value of the property and if it is approximately the amount you need, then apply for loan against property. If you have other assets available, do include them in your consideration.